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Meet us at MEDICA 2022!

You'll find us in hall 15, booth L02 in Düsseldorf from November 14-17. We're looking forward to meeting you there.

Our Patented Technology launch...short Intro Onalabs and vision

A new generation of own medical wearables.

A new generation of Data Science Engineering & Management.

A new generation of Health Apps.

Our goal is to identify specific use cases, develop accurate sensors and application-specific algorithms to offer new tools for end-users

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Elisabet del Valle, Co-Founder & CEO

Elisabet del Valle

Co-founder & CEO

Xavier Muñoz, Scientific Advisor at onalabs

Xavier Muñoz

Scientific Advisor

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Frequently Asked Questions...

    1. Health Consumers & Patients: Empowering patients offering health monitoring everywhere, every time and without realizing it.
    2. Healthcare Providers: Offering rigorous data to clinicians for improve early diagnostic and personalized treatment.
    3. Biopharma, CRO and Researchers: Giving more business opportunities to biopharmas, CROs & Research Centers integrating digital measurements across continuum of research and clinical care.
    4. Healthcare system sustainability: Improving healthcare sustainability facilitating home hospitalization and real telemedicine
    5. Governamental Institutions & Policy Makers: Contribuiting global management of diseases thanks our poblational biometric database.
  • onalabs offers the following products and services:
    • Sale of wearables
    • Sale of consumables: lactate / glucose sensors
    • Database: aggregate studies, anonymized data
    • Subscription: Data visualization platform / App customization
    • R&D ad hoc contracts with big companies
  • Our solutions are going to help people with the following needs:

    • Chronicpatients & Home Hospitalization
    • Home Care & Elderlies
    • Diabetes & Nutrition
    • Health Sport
    • Pediatric & Rare Diseases
    • Oncology
    • Global Health Cooperation
  • onalabs has gone through the following milestones since its constitution in 2017:

    1. 2017 - Startup
      - Constitution Dec. 2016
      - First Public Grants: EITHealthy SME Phase I
    2. 2018 - Development
      - Exclusive licenses from UBU/UPC
      - Start-up Capital ACCIO
      - Accelerated by Ship2B & CIMTI
    3. 2019 - Business Consolidation
      - Rebranding & business strategy redefinition
      - NeotecCDTI
    4. 2020 - Proof of concept validation
      - Seal of excellence from European Comission
      - CDTI Grant for Home hospitalization
      - AEI:Sport Grant
      - New patent applications
      - US patent granted
    5. 2021 - Clinical investigation
      - First successful clinical data validations
      - Startup selected by Roche at Roche Startup Days
      - Startup selected by FCB at Allianz Startup Challenge
      - Andorra startup winner
      - 2 new patent applications
      - Constitution of Onalabs Investment
    6. 2022 - Investment Round
      - Successful first clinical pilot validation
      - Investment seed round 1,45M€
      - Winner of Innovation DRAC Prize of RAC1
      - Winner of Innovation Cerdanyola Empresarial Price
      - Constitution of OnalabsDigital Health AD

Meet us at MEDICA 2022

You'll find us in hall 15, booth L02 in Düsseldorf from November 14-17. We're looking forward to meeting you there.